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Cubebrush - How to Make a Colt Single Action 45

Emre Karabacak is a 3D Environment/Prop artist from Berlin, Germany who takes us through the creation of a Colt Single Action Army 45- Peacmaker.
Also in the following breakdown / tutorial, I will explain everything from the Blockout to the end result in Marmoset Toolbag 3.

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80 Level - How to Build a Video Game Gun

Emre Karabacak talked about the main stages of production, detailing the creation of his amazing 3d weapon model. The project was part of the internship with Berker Siino. The modeling of the original gun is done by Mark van Haitsma for Destiny.

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Cubebrush - Creating a tile Material In Substance Designer

This material creation tutorial by Emre Karabacak goes over the different aspects of creating a concrete tile material. If you've played around in Substance Designer already, this is perfect for you.
Once you know how to do this, the kinds of materials you can create are literally endless.

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